Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Politicians and the Environment

There's an interesting article from Reuters news service today that talks about what might happen on the "green" front if either McCain or Obama is elected. The angle is that McCain will be faster to implement environmental policies than Obama but that Obama, in the end, will be greener. Gunter Greiner, a portfolio manager for VCH New Energy Fund says "The funny thing is that although Obama will be a better bet for green energy, it could be the other way around at the beginning."

Personally I think that a thoughtful approach -- the kind that Obama is likely to do -- is better for all of us. We've had enough of knee-jerking politics that cloud the real issues.

The League of Conservation Voters is a great resource for you in determining who you would vote for based on environmental track record. According to their scorecard, McCain has a dismal record of voting for the environmental good -- and he doesn't always vote, which means he's been absent. Obama, on the other hand, has a superior record of voting for sound environmental policies. The proof is in the pudding -- vote for who has the better record.

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