Thursday, July 24, 2008

What You Can Do About Helping Polar Bears

I've often read about the plight of the polar bears in light of global warming and wondered what I could do that would make an immediate and real difference. The Natural Resources Defense Council has a new program called Polar Bear SOS! that I believe has great promise for helping this species. This initiative asks the Bush Administration to make the polar bear an endangered species, not just a threatened species.

By giving the polar bear an endangered species status, it allows loopholes to be closed in the current legislation and protects the polar bear's habitat against global warming pollution, oil and gas development, and other threats.

I believe that without this endangered species status, polar bears may cease to exist (except in zoos) in my lifetime.

Check out Polar Bear SOS! and see how you can join with the NRDC to save the polar bear.

Here's also a video to improve your understanding of some of the gains made thus far:

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