Monday, August 25, 2008

Invite Two Angry Moms to Lunch

This is taking angry to the next level -- two moms got concerned enough about the lack of healthy foods offered at their children's schools and decided to make a movement out of it, fueling their frustration to make positive change.

These two women, Dr. Susan Rubin and Amy Kalafa, now have a documentary called "Two Angry Moms," which premiered last year but now you can screen it in your area. It can help you to learn how to bring about more healthy and environmentally friendly changes in your child's school cafeteria food -- such as a farm-to-school menu, the possibility of more organic food, a school garden, and better health for your kids. A clip from the documentary is below. Here's an essay from Amy Kalafa about how the movie got started.

Their press kit says one of their goals is to "Create a movement of two million “angry moms” (and dads) who will take a stand for their children’s health and demand a change ... Texas Agricultural secretary Susan Combs said that it’s going to take 2 million angry moms to change the school lunch program."

Our children not only need to eat fresher and healthier food but also need to be in touch with nature and where the food comes from. The more local we can make that food and close the gap between suburbia and farms, the better off we all will be -- environmentally, health wise, and appreciation for good food. And if more schools use their buying power to purchase local, organic food, then it becomes a win-win proposition for everyone. You can also go to the website of Better School Food for more ideas and information.

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