Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does China Care About the Environment?

Certainly there's been a lot of justified bashing against China for safety and quality issues of its products, its pollution, and other environmental problems. But the irony about that is how the Chinese people actually feel about the environment and sustainable products.

According to a new Green Brands Survey, "nearly a third of Chinese consumers say environmental issues trump economic concerns, compared to 28% in the U.K. and just 17% in the U.S. ... environmental concerns influence Chinese consumers purchasing intent more than their western counterparts. Sixty-nine percent expect to spend more money on green products in the coming year compared to 38% of consumers in the U.S., and 33% in the U.K."

See my related post about the Olympics in China reflecting an ideal, safe world that also honors the environment.

You have to ask yourself -- are you just as concerned ... or hopefully more ... about what you buy?

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