Monday, September 15, 2008

Light Up While Staying Low

Some of the things I haven't liked about compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are that they nearly always have slow brightness (they reach their full brightness about 5 minutes after turning on) and have mercury content. And many CFLs aren't very bright even after 5 minutes.

This past week I picked up one of the newest CFLs from Sylvania to try them out -- the Micro Mini Twist. The packaging said "instant on" and they were small enough to match the traditional incandescent size. Also, the lumens level was high -- 1280 -- which told me I was going to get a nice bright light. You choose lights with higher lumens when you want to get more light and more brightness.

I was not disappointed. The lights are the best CFLs I've found for instantly turning on and brightness while still retaining energy savings and lasting a long time (approx. 11 years).

Later I found out another point that should be listed on the packaging -- according to their press release on the product "The low mercury SYLVANIA micro-mini contains just 1.5 milligrams of mercury, compared to up to 5 milligrams for other CFLs." This another big selling point for me -- just wish all lighting manufacturers would put their mercury content on their packaging as another comparison point. I'm sending a 1 minute e-mail to the company to request an update in their packaging regarding the mercury content.

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