Friday, September 12, 2008

To Paint or Not to Paint

I was on the hunt for finding a paint match for two colors to paint walls in my home yesterday. I had only two pieces of drywall with the original colors to match from.

First went to Lowe's. I knew they had the Green Seal certified Olympic Premium brand there which had zero VOCs. Choosing products that are low or have zero VOCs are important to me for the health of my family and the environment. But to my frustration, Lowe's could not match the paint color. Don't know if it was that store's color scanner, Olympic's paint matching configuration, or something else. Ugh.

So, next I went to Home Depot. I asked what they had in terms of low or zero VOC options. They only had one option: The Freshaire Choice Paint. Great! I thought. Until I was told that there was no paint matching available for that brand. You could only choose from about 30 set colors. What?? They only matched for their Behr brand and Glidden brand paints. Freshaire's parent company is ICI Paints, which also owns Glidden. Being left with Behr and Glidden and not wanting to run to yet another store -- I'm like any mom short on time -- I asked if Behr or Glidden had any low VOC or zero VOC options. Nope, I was told. "But neither Glidden nor Behr are horrible with VOCs," said the Home Depot attendant. Well, I knew that wasn't the best advice but I was on a deadline. I purchased Freshaire primer (zero VOC) and Glidden Evermore (not sure about VOC content) for my paint -- which got a perfect match to my wall. Sorry to say it, but I didn't have all day to run around town and figure this out. So I've taken 2 minutes today to write an e-mail to Home Depot to ask for more zero VOC paint options. We'll see what they say.

UPDATE 9/14/08 -- Come paint time, for some reason one of the Glidden Evermore paints didn't exactly match the wall, even though on the test drywall piece it did. So, I went back to Lowe's, stood at the wall of color samples, and found the best match I could. I bought another gallon of of the Green Seal-certified Olympic Premium, came home, mixed both the Glidden Evermore (to not waste it) and Olympic Premium colors together and repainted the entire room (instead of just a portion). Is any remodeling job easy?!? At least I'm done.

UPDATE: 9/25/08 -- I was contacted by the folks at Olympic Premium. They have an eye out on the Internet for anything being written about them and had read my blog. They are checking into the Lowe's store where I had the problem finding a paint match with Olympic to see if they can correct the tech issue. So, it's not to say every Lowe's is going to have a tech issue, but I'm glad they're checking into the problem I had and that Olympic is a brand that wants to put out a quality product at all levels.

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