Monday, October 13, 2008

Finding Eco-Friendly Detergent Where It's Supposed to Be

I wrote about an experience I had at Target a few weeks back in which they had decided to move all the "natural" products in the home cleaning section to a "natural" section. And suddenly my Seventh Generation laundry detergent wasn't where all the rest of the detergent options were -- instead it was around the corner and two aisles down. I didn't like that. I think that when you want to buy something as basic as toilet paper or laundry detergent you don't go searching in 2-3 places in the store -- you go to one place, one aisle. Although maybe someone thought that a special "natural" section was the way to go, I didn't agree. Not only was it inconvenient but also it felt like eco-friendly and natural brands were being marginalized and also they wouldn't get their fair chance at getting consumer attention.

So, I wrote into Target and let them know what I thought. I wrote in as an everyday person -- did not tout anything other than that I shopped at their store.

Guess what? They listened. All my eco-friendly laundry detergent options are in the laundry detergent aisle -- only one aisle. Hurrah!

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