Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guilt-Free Sushi Party Time

My husband and I go out to our favorite, little sushi restaurant in the Los Angeles area about once a month. The owner always remembers us, and it's a cozy little place where we can have a chat and then go to a movie.

However, it's tough to figure out which fish dishes are more safe and ocean friendly. It would be easier if our little sushi spot wrapped itself around ocean conservation and offered only sustainable seafood, but it's still rare to find a sustainable sushi restaurant within easy access. And where I live, even in Los Angeles, it's no exception. I imagine you've found yourself in the same boat I'm in. I make my best effort at making good fish choices, even if it limits the menu for me.

But today I'm excited to say that you can now go to Seafood Watch and download a brand-new Seafood Watch Sushi Pocket Guide. They've been printing regional fish guides for some time now, but this is the first time they have done a sushi guide. Now I don't have to struggle so much to figure out what are the best choices. I can use my Sushi Guide!

To celebrate the Guide's debut, Seafood Watch invites you to a sushi party: "Help us celebrate the launch of the new Sushi Pocket Guide by going out for a sustainable dinner at your local sushi bar between October 22 and October 28."

You can also do what I did and take a pledge to share Seafood Watch cards with restaurants, friends, and family by going to this link and becoming a Seafood Watch Advocate. Seafood Watch will send you an action kit and free t-shirt for spreading info about the cause.


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