Monday, November 3, 2008

Alert: Government Back Peddles on BPA

In a major turn of events that could lead to more consumer safety, the Washington Post is reporting that on Halloween the FDA's Science Board agreed that the FDA was in error in August 2008 when it said that "a chemical widely used in baby bottles and other plastic packaging for foods and beverages posed no health risks." That chemical was the highly controversial BPA.

What this means is this: the FDA is succumbing to both public outcry and overwhelming scientific evidence that BPA causes harm. Experts expect that because of the Board's error admission, there will be more attention given to BPA within the agency and perhaps a ban on the chemical as early as 2009 -- or at the very least a mandated labeling of any product with BPA.

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BPA is at unsafe levels in one of every 10 servings
of canned foods (11%) and one of every
3 cans of infant formula (33%)

Source of above chart: Chemical analyses of 97 canned foods by Southern Testing and Research Division of Microbac Laboratories, Inc., North Carolina.

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