Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Excellent Start -- Obama's Environmental Appointments

All environmental organizations that I am aware of are praising yesterday's announcements of the Obama administration's environmental and energy appointments. The expectations are high. And they should be. The Bush administration, overall, was not good for the environment. In many instances, Bush administration policies were devastating for the environment, global warming, and climate change. Now, however, there appears to be real interest in change. Significant change for the better.

If the Obama administration can sustain this push toward change -- saving the environment including the ocean, focusing on conservation and sustainable energy, and making serious headway in major reductions of greenhouse gases -- then we have every reason to believe our future would be better.

Again, if this change is sustained, we should expect that we will enter a viable green economy -- including millions of new green-related jobs. Our food should be more healthy. Our soil, water, and wildlife should return to health. Our oceans and its wildlife should recover. Our energy should become secure and sustainable. The products we buy should be made in a zero waste and non-toxic way -- they can be 100% biodegraded or 100% recycled without toxics.

Here is an "Oceana PSA 2008" (BELOW) as just one example of where an environmental organization, Oceana, who has been tirelessly fighting for the ocean against nearly deaf ears may suddenly be able to be heard and see all its work realized for the earth's benefit -- and our benefit.

Ask yourself, do you not care enough to use this tide of change to your and your family's advantage? Write your government officials about your environmental and energy concerns, including saving the oceans, and ask that they support a MAJOR change for the better -- list the issues that are of concern for you. Go to http://www.congress.org/ -- it's easy.

Oceana 2008 PSA from Oceana on Vimeo.

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