Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mercury and Fish Have Victims

With Actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage) now being treated for too much mercury in his system due to what is currently being reported as him eating too much sushi, this comes at the same time the FDA is reconsidering being more lax with seafood consumption rules. This FDA reconsideration is a safety concern for families. You need to under the risks.

  • Large amounts of mercury come from power plants that burn coal, waste incinerators, some factories, and some mines. This mercury goes into the air as pollution and eventually ends up being "rained out" of the atmosphere and dumped into the soil or into the water.
    It can also enter the water through surface run off. This mercury ends up being part of all fish' environment and their diet.

  • Mercury is in all the fish we eat. The bigger, predatory fish (like tuna) have more mercury because they have eaten lots of smaller fish with mercury. The amount of mercury in fish has been steadily increasing because mercury-contaminated water has also increased exponentially (163% increase in mercury advisories issued by the EPA between 1993 - 2003).

  • If too much mercury gets into our bodies, it can cause serious health problems -- primarily damage to the nervous system, brain, and kidneys. You can see the mercury levels in common fish and how often you can safely eat each kind of fish at this Environmental Defense link. Compare that list with your Seafood Watch card when choosing to eat fish or shellfish.

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