Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Being green means that you continually educate yourself about environmental issues and advances, as well as take action. A new eco word to learn about is "biomimicry."

Biomimicry is a relatively new science in which you study how nature solves problems and then you take those solutions or ideas from those solutions and apply them to human needs or problems but in a sustainable way. Sustainability means that you are meeting needs without compromising the ability of future generations being able to meet their needs -- in today's world, it also often means you leave the planet better than how you found it ... cleaner, less wasteful, more respected, and give the gift of making it easier for the planet to sustain life of all kinds. is a new website dedicated to the biomimicry science. There is an interesting video on that site, which is also available here (below) that comes from (if you ever want to learn something new, go to this site) and is a talk by Janine Benyus who is considered one of the main leaders in the biomimicry science field. Although this talk is meant for a business audience, it is enlightening for consumers and for business men and women from all walks of life. As a mom, you will appreciate how biomimicry can improve your and your children's future.

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