Monday, December 15, 2008


Here's a simple shopping tip for when you're out buying milk --
  • GO ORGANIC: If you can afford to buy organic milk for your family, or organic soy milk (if your kids will accept it), then organic is the healthiest and safest milk options for your family and the planet.

  • HORMONE FREE: While organic milk is growth hormone free, a good amount of conventional milk products are not. So, if it is a budget issue, then at least buy milk that is growth hormone free. The milk's label should say something like "This milk is from cows not treated with rbST" or "Our farmers pledge not to use artifical growth hormones." While this does not make your milk organic, it does eliminate one major health concern for you, your family, and the health of the cows who produce your milk. There is also less chemicals in a cow's urine, which cuts down on potential soil, plant, and/or water contamination.

EXTRA TIP: You can also take 5 minutes and send an e-mail to your child's school district food supervisor to ask if the school is providing milk that is hormone free. If you get the answer back "no," then write a second e-mail to the district's school board to ask that the milk supplier be changed to a growth-hormone-free milk supplier.

UPDATE 12/16/08: You can find out who produces the best organic milk at The Cornucopia Institute. This organization publishes an annual Dairy Report and Scorecard -- the results may surprise you. Find the 2008 report here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for clarifying the different milk options. it's important for consumers to understand that hormone free isn't really enough. Organic is expensive but the more I research the more I realize, it is worth the added price. My family drinks Heritage Organic Milk. I can usually find coupons online and the company is eco-friendly and takes good care of the cows. Unfortunately that is not the case with all organic milk producers.