Friday, December 26, 2008

What To Do About Old TVs

If you got a new TV for Christmas, make sure you responsibly recycle your old TV. DON'T THROW IT IN YOUR GARBAGE THAT GOES TO THE LANDFILL.

Many of us are changing out our televisions for purposes of a "new thing" or because of the February 2009 switch to a digital signal versus analog. But did you know that to get a digital signal you don't have to trade out your old TV? You can just get a converter box -- a lot cheaper than a new TV -- and therefore avoid adding to unnecessary and toxic e-waste.

For those of us who need to get rid of an old TV make sure you recycle it. The Electronics Take Back Coalition has put together a horror flick, of sorts, to point out the dangers of old TVs with toxics. I've posted the weird-but-effective video below. You can find out more about how to recycle your TV here, or you can just call your municipal recycler for instructions.

Kudos to Sony for having a free takeback program!!! -- here's info here.

If you have more time to educate yourself, you can learn more about e-waste and how it affects your family, community, and populations outside of the U.S. through this booklet -- E-Waste: The Exploding Global Electronic Waste Crisis. Certainly, the best solution is that manufacturers make electronics that are completely recyclable without toxics -- write your favorite manufacturer and your government officials to ask for this.

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