Monday, January 26, 2009

ECO-EDUCATE: Where Does Your Electronic Waste Go?

Ever thought of what often happens to your electronic waste (phones, TVs, computers, other electronic gadgets) after you get them to a recycler or your municipal waste center? Most likely they get sent to China where health is sacrificed for economic gain. Environmental activists find this practice unacceptable -- and so should you.

We need to urge our electronics manufacturers to make electronic products that are non-toxic and completely recyclable. Some manufacturers are really getting it and leading for change -- others are lagging.

Until non-toxic and zero waste become a reality, the following TIME Magazine pictorial might help you think twice about how quickly you dispose of your current cell phone or TV -- click here for a TIME Magazine pictorial on the problems of e-waste "China's Electronic Waste Village."

Also, the award-winning documentary "Manufactured Landscapes" is an additional visual source of information concerning the e-waste problem.

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