Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recession Makes For a Better Diet

Most people would not consider a recession being good for you, but of the myriad potential downfalls one upside is that you're probably eating more at home -- instead of eating out. Eating at home and preparing your own meals not only saves you money but is likely the best new diet you could have for the new year -- especially if you're paying more attention to what you eat. A home-cooked meal is empowering and allows you control over the foods you eat.

So, since you're not paying for the labor and overhead to purchase, make, and deliver your meals, take advantage of adding a little more organic to your meals, eating more vegetarian, and upping your veggie content. And, spend some time at your farmer's market -- instead of eating out -- to take advantage of local food.

Here are some cooking and food resources that can help you:

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