Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is your pet care toxic?

The Natural Resources Defense Council is wanting to educate consumers about choosing non-toxic pet products because toxic products can harm not only pets but also humans. One such potential hazard is the typical flea collar, or flea-killing product/treatment.

Says the NRDC --

Each year, Americans purchase and apply to their pets a vast array of toxic chemicals intended to kill fleas and ticks. These include collars, sprays, dusts and more. Other pet owners take their pets to veterinarians to be dipped in chemicals. Many consumers probably assume that the products they and their vets use have been subjected to rigorous testing, and must, by virtue of their very ubiquity, be safe. After all, how could the government let deadly poisons be sold on grocery store shelves without applying stringent standards?

The simple truth, however, is that the poisons in many of these products are not safe, either for pets or humans. Government regulation of these products has been sketchy, and testing of their impact in the home has been inadequate. The result is that many of the products sold by the millions in grocery, drug and pet supply stores, even when applied as instructed on the box, can cause serious health consequences to pets and humans.

The main culprits are ... click here for the rest of the article and solutions.

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