Friday, March 20, 2009

Where in the World is Terra? -- Traveling for her book, Travelogue 2

This is the second installment in my series of travel blogs as I tour the U.S. for the release of my new book The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green.

March 19-20 I was in Miami. On the way there from Tampa I passed over wild areas that looked pretty dry. As I mentioned earlier, Florida has been in a drought situation. The different water agencies in Florida are trying to get residents and businesses to conserve water -- not only because of the drought but also as better water management overall. I found out later that day that the area had been getting some needed rain over the past week, but it wasn't enough. Here's hoping that changes for the better.

I flew into the Ft. Lauderdale airport -- recycling bins at every turn. Great!

My segment on South Florida Today at NBC in Miami was a blast! We talked about my book, and many low-cost ways to go green.

I read on Twitter today that March 24 is the 20-year anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Speaking of Twitter, I'm now Twittering under the name of terrawellington at Twitter. It offers a more personal glimpse into happenings and thoughts with me. A different feel than my blog.

At the Miami airport, I got smart and called up the Seafood Watch guide with my cell phone -- again ending up with creole salad and chicken. I forgoed the Mahi Mahi, Dolphin, and Shrimp. All no-no's. Why is it so hard for restaurants to offer sustainable choices? I can only imagine it is because they don't understand that their seafood choices are fishing all the fish out of the ocean. If they knew the ramifications of their offerings, I have to believe they would care more?

My hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn in Miramar -- under a mile away from my my stop at the NBC station. Compact fluorescent lighting throughout the room. A handy microwave and refrigerator meant I could run to the next door grocery store and reduce the energy it would take to prepare my food -- I probably didn't reduce waste, though. No recycling bin the room -- all I want is to find a hotel that will put a recycling bin in my room! Need to talk to Hilton hotels about that.

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