Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could The Government Actually Be Helping to Clean Up Your World?

According to Talk Radio News Service, there is "A Game Changer" in the works that will help the average person live in a cleaner world ...

The Environmental Protection Agency is soon expected to declare global warming pollutants a threat to public health and to hold polluters accountable under the Clean Air Act.

In 2007 the Supreme Court upheld the EPA’s authority to determine whether scientific evidence is strong enough to prove that global warming pollution is a threat to public health. The release of the EPA’s decision is expected soon though the exact date is unknown.

Environmental experts are certain that the findings will show global warming to be a threat.
“There is no question that the EPA should make a positive endangerment ..."

First is expected to be much more strict regulation on vehicle emissions and then moving onto other pollutants, one by one.

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