Monday, April 6, 2009

Dad Needs New Suit? Try One Made of Recycled Bottles

In May, Sears will start selling suit separates made from recycled bottles. The Covington Perfect brand will carry the suits, which are a mix of wool blended with polyester -- the polyester is made from the recycled bottles, about 25 of the 2-liter kind to be exact.

These suits have already been test selling in Boston, Chicago, and New York. The company that makes the fabric for the suits, Teijin, is a Japanese firm.

According to Reuters news service, "Teijin, which developed fabrics made of recycled plastic blended with wool, viscose and cotton or with other synthetics, also partners with retailers to recycle used polyester clothing back into fabric and new clothes." This ability for polyester to be recycled is something I mention in my new book The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green and is an unexpected benefit of polyester, not to mention that polyester clothing usually lasts longer -- going green has all sorts of unexpected trade offs when you boil down the facts.

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