Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Elephant at Banana Republic

This is the second year Banana Republic has featured the Green Elephant icon for its clothes that are made with sustainable fibers -- like silk, soy silk, cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo rayon. There are some offerings -- most easily identified on the company's website -- but I wish more than 50% of its clothing were from sustainable fibers.

Update 4/18/09 -- Although on Banana Republic's website there is a Green Elephant icon on the top corner of the viewing pages, when you are shopping in the stores, you look for the Green Elephant on the inside back label of the garment or imprinted on the inside back of the garment. I noticed that one of the tanks I have from Banana Republic was extra soft, and sure enough when I looked at the imprint on the inside back there was the Green Elephant icon over the materials list, and the tank was listed as being made with a certain percentage of organic cotton.

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