Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nasty Habits of Food Network Celebrities

Isabel Cowles of The Huffington Post has hit on the next phase of green, which is actually taking action and making eco part of our everyday lives. Beyond a surface knowledge of organics, the average person knows very little about how their kitchen behaviors and food choices affect the planet. It is often also a surprise that the healthier choices you make with food are often the greenest -- organic, sustainable, plant-based diets.

The waste issue relating to food is huge. Restaurants and take-out joints are MAJOR offenders. At-home practices are also often quite eco-challenged. Just take food scraps -- without composting you've added almost 30 percent into your landfill bin that didn't need to be there. A banana peel doesn't decompose for a couple hundred years in a typical landfill with no oxygen and no sunlight -- in a compost bin it can go back to enriching the earth in a month.

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