Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Report from UK -- Household Products Making Drug-Resistant Superbug

A story in Current talks about how household products (cleaners) and personal care products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) are creating a toxic mess in sewage systems and developing what scientists say are drug-resistant microorganisms.

Says the study --

As part of its study, the team - which also includes Professor Peter Hawkey of Birmingham University - looked at soil contaminated with QACs and sewage sludge in the Midlands, the Cotswolds, Hertfordshire and other areas. Using techniques similar to those involved in DNA fingerprinting, they then looked for the presence of antibiotic-resistant genes - and found these in high concentrations.

"The inference is clear," added Gaze. "We are producing sewage and river water that have more and more drug-resistant bacteria in them and that these are now poised to enter the food chain."

The solution is within the hands of government officials and consumers.
  • Governments need to step in and ban toxic chemicals from products.
  • Consumers need to purchase more planet friendly, less toxic, and biodegradable products. They also need to reduce their use of pharmaceuticals, including hormones.
I talk about the majority of the well-distributed brands available for personal and household products, including how to reduce your need for pharmaceuticals in my new book The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green. Educate yourself.

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