Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu, Your Health, and Sustainable Food -- They are all related

Update 4/30/09 -- This link has solid advice on improving your chances of not getting the swine flu by increasing your immunity.

Update 5:35 PM -- You can also check the National Center for Homeopathy's website for updated information on using specific homeopathic medicines for the swine flu. Homeopathy has a particularly good track record in healing people during an epidemic.

In looking at news reports and blogs over the past few days about the developing swine flu story, I've come across this posting from Karl Burkart at Mother Nature Network who notes that this flu may be due to filthy, large hog farms that keep hogs in confined, unhealthy conditions, as well as the fact that climate change can cause new strains of flu to develop. At Change.org's Sustainable Food, the hog farm theory is explored in depth.

In either case, both theories have factual reasons to be concerned, if not for swine flu then for current and future compromises to our food supply.

As the researchers come to the conclusion of the flu's cause, the point now is to use some common sense in protecting your family. Last night I came across this posting from the Huffington Post that is a reasonable way to approach the swine flu for your family -- so as not to potentially make the situation worse.

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