Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Watch Terra on The Daily Buzz Tomorrow!

Hey guys! If you get The Daily Buzz in your local area, tune in tomorrow to see Terra. She has an interview with Mitch on the 4 pressing issues moms and parents should care about regarding the environment.

Interestingly, when I was taping this segment in Orlando last week, I was talking to one of the technicians who said that he started to unplug all his electronics at night -- and he and his wife saw an immediate $15-20 drop in their electric bill each month. He said "It's a little bit, but every dollar counts." I agree. To make this easy, you can plug in your electronics into a surge protector strip and shut off the power switch or pull the one plug (surget protector plug) out of the wall -- that way you have less to unplug.

Also, on my flight back to Los Angeles, I flew on American Airlines. Kudos to AA! They recycled everyone's aluminum cans onboard. They were the only airlines to recycle anything during my two months of flying for my book.

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