Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go Green: If not for the planet then for your health

The super-conservative, climate-change-denier Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inholfe is joining with Al Gore and other Democrats "in putting forward a bill for an official review of the dangers of soot or 'black carbon' to public health and the environment." (The Guardian) In the past Inholfe has even ridiculed Gore on his environmental evidence and stances. So what's different now?

Ah. The health argument.

I was met with this "alternate view" about a year ago when I did an interview with a Texas radio station for Earth Day. I was the one duped into believing this interview was going to be supportive of environmental issues, only to be lambasted on the air to make his ratings. However, after this radio host stopped talking for a moment, I was able to get in a point. "Well, if you don't buy into 'green' per say, you do believe that we should limit pollution and waste for health issues, no?" I said.

"Of course," said the host.

And there I got him. You see, if you don't go green for the planet, you'll go green for health reasons. And they nearly always are intertwined. So this, in my opinion, is what is happening with Inholfe. How can you deny that dirty fossil fuels and other pollutants aren't affecting our health?


So, Inholfe can keep on denying climate change and keep his Southern voters happy while still reversing climate change by taking a round-about stance on health issues and pollutants. Sad, but fine by me.

The climate and planet issues are too critical to argue further if the resulting action of reducing CO2, particulates, and black carbon is reached.

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