Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SHOPPING TIP: Check out "GoodGuide"

Although I have found databases through Environmental Working Group, like the Cosmetic Safety Database, to be very helpful when considering the purchase of personal care items. This new site, the GoodGuide, offers even more information on a wider umbrella of products -- food, personal care, household chemicals, and toys.

The GoodGuide gives an easily understood score on products so you can compare brands. If a company is not transparent about its products and practices, then the score goes lower. The score is based on --
  • HEALTH PERFORMANCE: What's in the product - the ingredients/materials ... are they good for your family or not? Are there toxic or harmful chemicals in the product that will harm your family?

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE: When the product is made, how does it impact the environment? From the materials used, to manufacturing, to disposal.

  • SOCIAL PERFORMANCE: Were the workers treated right, such as was there a fair trade? Does the company have meaningful philanthropy? What about customer satisfaction? These are emerging sustainable business ratings that consumers can see scored and act on.

For example ...

  • In an average of scores for the brand, Method scored a 6.6 out of 10 while Seventh Generation scored an 8.6.

  • In another average, Campbell's products scored 3.7 while Progresso scored 5.7

  • Hasbro toys has an average of 4.0, while Fisher-Price has a 6.1

Of course individual products under these brands and hundreds of other brands are scored separately and could be higher or lower.

This scoring site has the ability to cause more companies to compete with each other based on more than just features and price -- your health, the health of the environment, customer satisfaction, and corporate responsibility.

Check it out! It's very consumer friendly.

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