Tuesday, May 26, 2009

U.S. ranks at the bottom when it comes to green

National Geographic has released its "Greendex" results for 2009 -- a ranking of consumers' green behaviors -- with some surprising results.
  • The top green consumers in the world come from India, China, and Brazil

  • Japan, the U.S., and Canada scored the lowest -- Mexico, South Korea, and Russia scored much higher!

  • Wealthier countries had a greater impact on the environment than lower-income countries yet fell lowest on the scoring sheet -- what irony!

  • Consumer trends include -- heating and cooling less to save energy, washing clothes in cold water, buying used versus new, repairing instead of tossing

  • There is certainly a potential correlation between the global recession and reigning in spending, which actually helps the environment

The question to ask ourselves is why? Why with so much information available on how to go green are our behaviors reflecting a denial of the need to be more eco-friendly for our health and the planet? Is it the wealth? Ingrained wasteful behaviors that are hard to break? Apathy for change? More attention to hip-hop culture than healthy family life?

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