Monday, June 8, 2009

World Oceans Day - June 8 - How are you helping? hurting?

The oceans are in trouble. Two of their biggests issues are overfishing and warming (due to climate change). One of these issues is immediately solvable. Imagine that.

The solvable issue is overfishing. I wrote about this issue in a previous post: Will There Be Seafood For Your Children When They Are Your Age? Solving this issue is so simple yet so complex.
The simple part is just stop fishing so much -- problem solved.

The complex part is ...
  • Cultures across the globe are now used to eating so much fish of whatever kind they want, and most of that fish is overfished -- so it is a cultural barrier that fuels world markets who are demanding more fish than the oceans can supply

  • Fishing subsidies by governments to fishermen fuel overfishing and destrutive fishing methods, like trawling (which is equated to burning centuries old Amazon forests and killing all the animals in that forest too with no intent or knowledge of restoring any of it ... only underwater) -- HERE'S A SHORT, EDUCATIONAL VIDEO ON TRAWLING

  • Lack of regulation by governments to stop overfishing -- and a lack of interest by governments to disappoint any fisherman or their businesses

  • Rampant piracy of fish in underpoliced areas of the globe, causing a complete wipe out of fish in those areas and leaving nothing behind for local coastal residents to subsist on

  • Aquaculture (farmed fish) in the oceans with (nearly always) a complete disregard for how that farming affects the health of wild populations

  • A public, who when even informed about the dire circumstances of fish populations across the globe don't seem to care and eat whatever they want whenever they want, demanding nothing different from their government, their restaurant, nor their grocer

Do your part today:

  • Eat fish only moderately

  • Eat only fish that are the best options from Seafood Watch
  • You can also look for fish products that are certified with the blue Marine Stewardship Council label.

  • Give your grocer written feedback that you want the store to only sell the best options from Seafood Watch and products with the Marine Stewardship Council label

  • Write your federal and state representatives asking that more regulation be imposed on fishermen and imported fish -- -- encourage them to watch the documentary "The End of the Line"

Your voice counts!

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