Thursday, July 2, 2009

More: Revisiting Particulates

Another revisitation today -- this time with air quality. There's was an interesting interview today with Chip Jacobs and William Kelly at the NPR station KCRW in Los Angeles talking about smog and how it relates to particulate matter and global warming.

Regarding particulate matter -- they addressed the same issues I talked about almost exactly a year ago. Those issues being that the pollution in our air is getting finer and finer, in terms of size, and perhaps becoming equally or more dangerous than the pollution of yester-year -- only, we can't see it as much because it has changed. So people may not be complaining as much. And the interviewees notioned that perhaps we need added pollution measurements now. You can see how clean your air is where you live by looking at the map at

You can listen to the interview below -- tip ... after you press play and see the moving guidebar under the smoggy city, move the guidebar to the 32 minute mark.

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