Thursday, July 2, 2009

Revisiting Tissue Products

You are going to see more and more "naturally" labeled tissue products coming out, as the green movement swiftly moves through all consumer goods. One such example is tissue products. I wrote about how to select greener tissue products a couple of months ago in a two-part series, but now that some of the larger companies are starting to gain more distribution I will mention some key points again --
  • Carefully read the labels -- again, you are looking for 100% recycled content with at least 40 percent of that being post-consumer waste AND bleaches with NO toxic chlorine compounds

  • Print out the Greenpeace Tissue Guide for specific brand guidance

Also to note, if you see "ECF" (Elemental Chlorine Free) on the label or on the company's website, it doesn't mean chlorine free. It just means there is no elemental chlorine in the bleaching process because elemental chlorine was banned by the EPA in April 2001 due to toxicity issues. Instead, the company is using some other type of bleaching, probably chlorine dioxide. The Natural Resources Defense Council has outlined the various chlorine acronyms for you and what they mean here.

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