Monday, August 3, 2009

"The Cove" -- another witness to the destruction of oceans

Yet another horrifying documentary has come out -- The Cove -- that chronicles the hidden destruction and captivity of wild dolphins ... all for greed and profit.

While a couple of months ago, I talked about the more broad-based ocean problems featured in the excellent documentary The End of the Line, this documentary is focused on a more specific problem in Japan that has reverberating effects across the oceans and on land -- but again, it is more specifically about disrespecting our planet and our future for the short-lived love of money.

Because of the apparent immensity of ocean problems and, in this case, the problem being in Japan, it would be easy to toss aside this documentary and its issues and say there is nothing you can do. But that is not true.

The filmmakers have pointed us to ways we really can make a difference re: this issue -- on this site there is more info. Here are points I would like to highlight:
  1. Understand the dolphin captivity issue and what choices you can make -- a great deal of planet protection comes about through simple education. Here's a brochure to help you.
  2. Don't eat dolphin -- simple enough. For other more safe and sustainable fish to eat, use the Seafood Watch Guide.
  3. Make your voice known by writing -- here are a list of ideas on how to express your opinion by writing
The Cove opened in New York and Los Angeles July 31st, and will screen in additional select cities starting August 7th. Here's a trailer --

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