Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving Your Own Seeds -- Promoting Diverse Crops

If you saw the documentary Food Inc., then you've been introduced to the importance of seeds and how allowing farmers to capture seeds, store them, and nurture their own varieties is critical to our economics and sustainability of crops.

Yesterday, NPR's Marketplace program aired a story about the necessity of native seeds and how through industrialization of crops we have lost so many seed varieties -- all of which are becoming critical to sa
ve, plant, and nurture as we go into climate change. I encourage you to listen to the story and write your government leaders about your support of regional and family farming to promote native agriculture, and your discontent and dislike of genetically modified seeds as a threat to your family's current and future health and well-being.

Native Seeds is a non-profit organization that sells seeds for the Southwest and Mexico. These seeds are for plants that are unique to growing in low-water areas. If you have a family garden and live in these areas, I encourage you to buy seeds from them and learn how to save your own seeds after the harvest. Here's how.

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