Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joe Berlinger On His New Documentary "Crude"

"Crude" is a crushing documentary-thriller about the destruction of the Ecuadorian rain forest by oil giants.

Be aware -- tell your friends -- get involved with organizations who will fight oil corporations into cleaning up and stopping their atrocities against nature and the area's indigenous people.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Education and negotiating on protecting the planet

The World Wide Views Project has been established and coordinated by The Danish Board of Technology and The Danish Cultural Institute to define and communicate opinions about global warming to those attending and making decisions at the upcoming Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in December 2009. You may have heard about the COP15 in U.N. news reports last week.

The WWV project has some very interesting statistics about the urgency of preventing more global warming.

For example, 4,400 citizens from 38 countries across the world were surveyed.
  • 90% believe it is urgent that a global climate deal is made at COP15
  • 89% think that developed countries should be required to reduce their emissions by 25-40% or higher
Education to influence the public to help reduce emissions is also a big component that those surveyed feel is important. Here's ideas by country --
  • China: PSAs and short films disseminated to the public to educate them
  • U.K.: Education programs funded by the government to make the public more aware
  • France: Environmental education from pre-school onward
  • USA: Establish international education fund to standardize and implement environmental climate education with various public, private, and non-profit partners
  • Finland: Require a carbon footprint guide be printed on every product sold so that the public can make better choices.
You can urge your U.S. Senator to pass a strong climate and energy bill so that as our U.S. leaders go into the COP15 we will have a stronger negotiating position. You see, if the U.S. leads by example, then it will be harder for other countries to have excuses. They will be more compelled to follow our lead and do what is right. The Natural Resources Defense Council has more about the bill and an EASY way to write into your senator -- here.

Plants aren't just for beauty

I love this very quick Ted talk on how to clean up your indoor air with plants. I talk about this in my book, giving additional suggestions.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Extraction and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I attended the NRDC's Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speech in Santa Monica last night. He is a riveting and motivational speaker.

Issues that he is focusing on these days are related to energy. His Washington Post Op-Ed from July about the atrocities of coal is disturbing enough to make you want to cry AND write a passionate letter to Obama to plead for justice.

The extraction operation that Kennedy talks about is happening across the world. Not just in coal but in every environmental resource. As shareholder-driven companies have grown in power, they have also become less interested in the environment and more interested in greed. They are extracting soil from both wealthy and impoverished nations to replenish destroyed soil from industrialized farming. They are extracting fish from the oceans at such an alarming rate that there will soon be none left. They are extracting trees from the planet to satisfy other economic gains, only to reap climate change and deserts in return. Oil has been extracted for decades, and now it has peaked. Extract. Extract. Extract.

We can not sustain any type of quality living for our children and their children under the extraction model.

Instead, we have to be driven toward the sustainability model. There are just as many jobs, and more, with that model.

The NRDC has put together an action site for you to write to your government officials -- . This is one way every person who cares can take action on crimes against nature, your community, and your health.

Additionally, the Sierra Club has an action center just for stopping coal mining mountain top removal. See this video below.

And heroic 81-year-old Roland Micklem in this video below is asking for senior citizens to march against mountain top removal this October. Details here.