Sunday, September 27, 2009

Education and negotiating on protecting the planet

The World Wide Views Project has been established and coordinated by The Danish Board of Technology and The Danish Cultural Institute to define and communicate opinions about global warming to those attending and making decisions at the upcoming Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in December 2009. You may have heard about the COP15 in U.N. news reports last week.

The WWV project has some very interesting statistics about the urgency of preventing more global warming.

For example, 4,400 citizens from 38 countries across the world were surveyed.
  • 90% believe it is urgent that a global climate deal is made at COP15
  • 89% think that developed countries should be required to reduce their emissions by 25-40% or higher
Education to influence the public to help reduce emissions is also a big component that those surveyed feel is important. Here's ideas by country --
  • China: PSAs and short films disseminated to the public to educate them
  • U.K.: Education programs funded by the government to make the public more aware
  • France: Environmental education from pre-school onward
  • USA: Establish international education fund to standardize and implement environmental climate education with various public, private, and non-profit partners
  • Finland: Require a carbon footprint guide be printed on every product sold so that the public can make better choices.
You can urge your U.S. Senator to pass a strong climate and energy bill so that as our U.S. leaders go into the COP15 we will have a stronger negotiating position. You see, if the U.S. leads by example, then it will be harder for other countries to have excuses. They will be more compelled to follow our lead and do what is right. The Natural Resources Defense Council has more about the bill and an EASY way to write into your senator -- here.

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