Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sign GMO Petition! Protect Your Ability to Know What You Eat

Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) are a serious health and food safety/security issue that is coming to public light. Documentaries like Food, Inc. and The World According to Monsanto have recently exposed in a more mass media way many of the serious GMO issues. The Center for Food Safety has been feverishly trying to protect the public from GMO's, including now going to The Supreme Court on the public's behalf.

Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology is a vocal advocate of eliminating GMO's and requiring GM labeling. Mr. Smith appeared on this radio program (captured on YouTube below) talking about GMO's -- although this program has a Christian slant, don't be turned off by that. It's the info that is important to help you quickly get up to speed on the issues. It's the first in a 9-part taping posted on YouTube.

Here is a way you can get involved in protecting your food supply by signing this petition to require mandatory labeling of GMO foods.

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crossing borders said...

Can you post and help spread a petition asking for the labeling of GMO products in the USA? It will take some time to remove it from the lease we can do this!

Here is the link:!/pages/Petition-to-Label-Genetically-Modified-Food-Products/196898277028679

Thanks, as you know we need many signatures to grab the attention of our government.