Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Recycled" School Books Plant Trees

Want to save money on school expenses and still go green?   Start with textbooks.  You can either purchase them used from a retailer like Amazon.com (sometimes only $.04 + shipping but can often take two weeks to receive) or through a private textbook loaner like Chegg.com (which has a variety of faster shipping options).

The great thing about a book loaner -- which we might just call book "recycler" -- is that the book gets used over and over.  Just like a library system on a mass scale but with shipping costs.

With the cost of textbooks being sky high, not only do both of these options save you tons of money but they also reuse resources, and this keep books out of waste recycling efforts longer (which additionally saves on resources and emissions).

The book loaner is the best option because it will loan out the book to MANY.  However, if you purchase the book used, unless you personally find a way to sell it to someone else who has a use for it, you'll probably toss it into the recycling bin after you have re-used it.

Another bonus, in the case of book loaner Chegg.com, the company has partnered with American Forests to plant a tree for each order.  You even get to choose where it is planted.  American Forests is rated 4-star on Charity Navigator -- a very good rating.

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