Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Support Oxfam in Haiti Relief and Rebuild

Although there are many reputable organizations that are helping Haiti during this emergency time, I would like recommend Oxfam as an organization I feel would be an excellent choice in giving of your donations to help this crisis because the organization is not only attending to immediate needs like water and sanitation but also has a sustainable plan for country's future.

  1. Cancel foreign debt
  2. Focus economic aid support on Haitian farmers and small businesses -- this can make Haitians less dependent on food and product imports and also ensure that monies are not disproportionately ending up in the hands of the few Haitian wealthy
  3. "Ensure poor areas benefit from cash grants to speed economic recovery" such as microloans and also paying the local people to clean up and rebuild their own communities
  4. Help in rebuilding the government through "support for civil society and the Haitian government, including 'ministries in a box' ... large tents containing the basic tools, such as telephones, desks and chairs, which are needed for a government department to operate."
  5. "Build back better, e.g. earthquake-proof buildings and alternative fuel sources to reduce deforestation."
You can donate by going to www.oxfamamerica.org.  Thanks!

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