Monday, April 5, 2010

How to: Avoid Weeds and Herbicides This Growing Season

As we move into the growing season, think about taking a different approach this year to your weeds. Avoid using herbicides. Why? More information is coming out about how herbicide chemicals affect our environment and our bodies -- negatively.

A study was published last fall by the Monell Center and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in which it was found that testing of commonly used herbicide chemicals proved to be harmful on humans (the same results were not found in rodent testing). Common herbicides were found to block what is called T1R3, a nutrient tasting receptor in your body that triggers "the release of hormones involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis and energy metabolism."

Says the study leaders "Compounds that either activate or block T1R3 receptors could have significant metabolic effects, potentially influencing diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome."

Additionally, in August 2009 The New York Times ran a toxic waters special series on the safety of our drinking water.  One of the stories was about how weed killer = toxic water.

Why put your family at risk? Instead, check out these non-herbicide ways to control weeds this year -- as found at the Beyond Pesticides website.