Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Help the Oceans from Home

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Look for ways to get your family into nature this summer

One of the ways you can get your family to have more appreciation for nature is by experiencing it. This summer look for opportunities to get outdoors, into science museums, and into the garden.

In years past we have frequented the California central coast -- hiking, exploring, enjoying the nature on the beach areas. This year, we're keeping it local.

Over the weekend, we met up with family and went to the Santa Monica Pier. Although we saw mostly people, not wildlife, the point was to be in the open air away from TV and video screens.

We were surprised at how much we enjoyed spending time at Muscle Beach, which is just next door. It's an exercise playground -- for adults and children alike.  Swings for all.  Ropes to climb.  Rings to swing on.  Bars to twist, climb, and balance on.  All atop the sand and near the sea.  The place brought out the inner child in everyone there -- no matter the age.

I encourage you to find local places like this where you live, even if it just means spending an hour throwing Frisbees at the nearby park.

Up next for us ... exploration of the stars at the Griffith Park Observatory ... stay tuned.