Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - Year of the Permaculture

If there were one "green" word that will find its place among the masses this year, I suspect it will be permaculture.  This isn't about probiotic yogurt or a revival of hair permanents, rather permaculture is all about everyday living and growing food in a way in which both are more harmonious with nature.

We see evidence of this in the U.S. with the surge in home gardening, farmer's markets, an emphasis on local and regional food production, and the innovative emergence of growing diverse groups of foods together for a more sustainable farm.  Permaculture is probably the answer to saving the bees, along with organic, because then you don't need so many chemicals to keep a farm afloat -- and, most research points to an increase in yield and productivity with permaculture.

Permaculture also allows us to consider a more diverse range of foods, which benefits us all and hearkens back to non-GMO times when people knew that working with nature instead of against it was your time-tested plan for success.

Here's a great example from Vietnam that illustrates permaculture --


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